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Team Swinerton Hacks Away on "Location Aware" App

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   March 16, 2014
Team Swinerton Hacks Away on "Location Aware" App

Our Hackathon team has been hard at work for hours now at the construction industry’s second AEC Hackathon at the FaceBook headquarters in Menlo Park, CA building their “Location Aware” app. While we are waiting for our hot team to finish we wanted to share a cool deep-dive from Swinerton’s own Eric Davis explaining what they are building this weekend and why. If you checked out EADOC’s blog referenced in our previous post and the hypothetical scenario of James the superintendent intrigued you, then this is a must-read. Good luck to our very talented team and to all the other participants in the Hackathon this weekend!

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