Building a Modern-Day Machu Picchu in Denver?

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   January 21, 2015
Building a Modern-Day Machu Picchu in Denver?

Well no—but it’s hard to dismiss the similarities in appearance between the distinctive Inca site in Peru and the compartmentalized construction happening at Uptown Village Apartments located at 300 17th Avenue in Denver.

Taken from the seventh floor of the apartment building, the photo illustrates the layout of what will become a revitalized pool-deck amenity for residents. Swinerton deconstructed the existing courtyard to expand the swimming pool-deck area with planters, seating, and a hot tub. Located on the second story of a parking structure, the deck will receive all new waterproofing and drains to improve protection to the parking area below. Future elements include installation of two steel-trellis awnings with Ipe wood accents, a synthetic turf dog run, and decorative fencing. The deck will feature many hardscape sidewalks containing decorative finishes lined with planters, as well as flower beds to make the courtyard more usable and resident friendly.

Come summertime when the final plantings are flourishing, the courtyard will look a lot less Incan and a lot more Denver-urban cool.