Progress Continues at the Air Force Academy Cadet Gym

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   January 28, 2015
Progress Continues at the Air Force Academy Cadet Gym

The strong relationships our team has built with the Air Force and subcontractors over the course of the Cadet Gymnasium Phases 4 and 5 renovations have proved invaluable as the team starts up the next phase of improvements at the US Air Force Academy (USAFA). Superintendent Kris Klickna worked closely with end users, USAFA contracting, and subcontractors to develop a phasing schedule that accommodates nearly every need of the facility’s multiple user groups—a remarkable feat in the government contracting world!

The first milestone of the project was quickly completed early last December as the team set up temporary modular offices to serve as swing space for coaching staff displaced by the renovation. Demolition and abatement then began as soon as the last cadet went home for winter break; the team took advantage of this rare down time at the Academy to abate and demolish as much as possible while limiting disturbance and increasing productivity.

New openings for both the “pass-thrus” and new spiral staircase were saw-cut in the east area of Level A. In the south corridor, demolition is complete and the space is now ready to accept new finishes. New fire exit partitions were installed to help provide both a fire exit for the mezzanine offices and a secure means of access/egress for the cadets. Most of the major materials (flooring, gymnasium equipment, doors and frames) were removed in the south boxing gym. The north boxing gym’s ductwork was completely abated of asbestos and the existing wood floor is being demolished. A wall that divides the north and south boxing gyms is being removed to provide access for the installation of a new structural beam. The stairs, flooring, offices, ceilings, baseboard heat, and folding doors within the north and south corridors were also demolished and abated.

The west gym was turned over the beginning of February after all of the existing equipment was removed by the owner. The project team placed half-inch oriented strand board over the entire gym and erected all the scaffolding in order to begin the abatement of the existing asbestos covered ductwork. A new stair tower is being erected to allow proper and safe access to the catwalks of the west gym that reaches as high as 35 feet.

Within the mezzanine level, all of the offices are ready to accept new finishes. The project team is working with the owner for resolution to the unforeseen conditions of the existing steel, which is currently impeding the construction of the new corridor. All of the acoustic panels were removed to allow for new glazing that will run parallel to the new corridor.

The project startup has also been successful for Faith Enterprises, Inc., our service-disabled veteran–owned small business partner on the project. Faith is performing the electrical, telecommunications, and security portion of the project, and also has strong relationships with the Colorado Springs subcontracting community. With completion scheduled for September 2014, our team will continue to navigate the challenges of working within an occupied facility to successfully deliver the next phase of improvements to the USAFA Athletic Department.

Congratulations to the project team on their accomplishments so far. The team will remain virtually the same as the previous Cadet Gym phases, with the exception of the project managers: Project Executive Dan Seier, Project Manager Jeff Good, Superintendent Kris Klickna, Quality Control Manager/Project Engineer Eric Coffy, and Senior Accountant Katie Henderson.