Swinerton + Amazing Furniture Quest = Team Building!

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   October 19, 2016   |   Image Gallery »
Swinerton + Amazing Furniture Quest = Team Building!

To celebrate the launch of a new line of Danish Modern furniture, Mountain Contract Group and Trendway Corporation sponsored the Amazing Furniture Quest challenge—a team-building event for members of the A/E/C community in Denver. Trendway, a Veteran-Owned Small Business based in Holland, Michigan, has specialized in furniture systems and architectural products since 1968. The new line of Magnus Olesen furniture embodies form and function, timeless beauty, and excellent craftsmanship—all of which are sure to differentiate Trendway from its mainstream competition.

Starting off at the Breckenridge Brewery in downtown Denver, Swinerton Builders Government—AKA team Swinners—comprised of Drew Rippel, Michelle Sandoval, Blake Stanovich, and Aubrey Dalton set out on bicycles to locate the challenges presented to them on a smartphone App. Some of these challenges involved finding the Trendway Inferno chair at Skyline Park, arm wrestling a stranger with “big guns,” finding a perfect stranger doppelganger, and locating something that best represented the team/organization—in Swinerton’s case, the team headed to the recently completed SkyHouse Denver apartment tower. In passing their competitors at random challenges, the team quickly realized that most of them did not exude symptoms of exertion typically characterized by glossy brows or increased respiratory rates. It was at this point team Swinners realized they were one of the few groups legitimately putting forward an increased effort by using the bicycles provided; most of the competing teams were utilizing four-wheeled, gas powered conveyance.

Although they might not have brought home the gold, team Swinners held true to Swinerton’s Core Values by coming together with passion and excellence to participate in one of the most fun team-building activities to date! Check out the photos below for more shots of the team during the Amazing Furniture Quest!

 Special thanks to Mountain Contract Group’s Matt Carroll and the entire Trendway team for inviting Swinerton to be a part of this fantastic experience!