Swinerton Builders Government Implements 100% Hand Protection Policy

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   January 29, 2015
Swinerton Builders Government Implements 100% Hand Protection Policy

Thousands of workers step onto our projects prepared to go to work each morning–continuing our legacy of being the preferred builder and trusted partner in every market we serve. On all of our projects, the on-site crews begin the morning with a daily safety meeting and a stretch and flex, followed by a pre-task plan. Through the use of our daily pre-task plans, Swinerton Builders Government (SBG) identified hand injuries and hand exposures as a leading indicator of injures on our projects. Let’s face it; working with one’s hands every day is consistent across all groups and trades. 

Turning this information to action, a “100% Hand Protection Pilot Program” was introduced at the Repair Cadet Gymnasium Phase 6 project at the US Air Force Academy at the beginning of the year as well as on the VA Puget Sound Parking Structure & Main Entry Drive project at the onset of work. Initially the pilot was introduced to initiate and generate feedback from both subcontractors and our own Swinerton tradesmen. The results were astonishing! 

Each and every worker was excited and thankful for the added protection. As a result, the SBG team has implemented a 100% hand protection policy that states:

“Our policy is to enforce 100% hardhat, safety vest, glasses, and hand protection for all of our employees and subcontractors who walk onto our projects, including management personnel.  They set the example. Therefore, all Swinerton employees, subcontractors, and visitors must have proper hand protection/gloves, eyewear, hardhats, safety vests, appropriate clothing, and footwear with them whenever they are on site.”

By increasing awareness, encouraging proper planning, and establishing a positive safety culture on all of our projects, we are enhancing the keys to our success. Thank you in advance for your continued safety support and wearing your gloves the next time you step foot on an SBG jobsite!