Laser Scanning in Action at ASHE Summit

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   March 16, 2013
Laser Scanning in Action at ASHE Summit

Hundreds of leaders in healthcare building recently descended on San Francisco for the Health Facility Planning, Design, and Construction Summit, organized by the American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).

At Swinerton’s booth in the exhibition hall, Virtual Design & Construction Manager Vincent Marquez treated visitors to a demo of laser scanning—an exciting virtual technology with the power to transform the design and preconstruction process. Marquez used the FARO Focus3D laser scanner to capture Swinerton’s booth and the show room floor, displaying the resulting 3D point cloud on a flat screen monitor for visitors to see. The FARO Focus3D can shoot up to 976,000 points per second to a distance of 120 meters, assembling millions of data points into a detailed scan in a matter of minutes. Multiple cans can be connected into a cohesive point cloud using total stations or the Scene software application and targets set out on site. 

When a new project kicks off, laser scanning can equip Swinerton teams with a remarkably accurate picture of existing site conditions, reducing the need for a costly building survey. The scans can also be used to produce a data-rich, 3D building information model (BIM) for enhanced project design and coordination. Armed with access to this visual data, design teams can prevent the need for change orders down the road after construction begins, saving customers both time and expense. Project quality also gets a boost with laser scanning, as the scans help detect potential conflicts and enhance collaboration among all project stakeholders.

Swinerton Builders Hawaii has already seen the benefits of laser scanning on several island projects, and the Swinerton Labs program is testing ways to harness the technology on a wider scale. The future looks laser sharp as Swinerton continues to roll out the latest in innovative construction technology. Stay tuned for more laser scanning in action!