The Future of Healthcare Real Estate

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   March 20, 2014
The Future of Healthcare Real Estate

At Bisnow’s 3rd Annual San Francisco Healthcare Real Estate Summit yesterday, leading healthcare, real estate, design, and construction experts from the San Francisco region, including Swinerton’s own Curtis Johnson, discussed the future of healthcare innovation and delivery and its impact on commercial real estate. The coffee was hot, and so were both panels!

The first panel shared insight into designing and constructing for an industry that is ever-evolving in technology and delivery. The second had healthcare leaders candidly opening up about this dynamic past year, the outlook for next year, and visions for the future of their systems. Standout questions from panelists that resonated with the crowd included:

Hollis Harris, Kaiser Permanente: “Will the MOBs being built now be outdated in five years?”

Jeff Land, Dignity Health: “What does ‘hello humankindness’ mean architecturally?”

Curtis Johnson, Swinerton: “Innovation for the sake of innovation does not matter to our healthcare systems. What does matter is innovation that delivers cost savings. Do you think clients will hold us accountable for building performance in the future?”

Answering Curtis’ question was Hollis, who confirmed Curtis’ prediction that owners will be looking to their “A Team” of designers and contractors to own the performance of the buildings in their real estate portfolios. So what does that mean for Swinerton and our project partners? We need to continue to be a trusted partner and service provider to our clients, get involved very early on in the design process, be prepared to get them to market fast through a strong team at the ready, and, above all else, have a passion for excellence in patient care and build for healthy living.