Swinerton’s Emerging Market

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   November 29, 2016   |   Image Gallery »
Swinerton’s Emerging Market

For many years, Swinerton Builders Seattle has focused primarily on three main market sectors: Gaming/Hospitality, Tenant Improvement/Corporate Accounts, and Healthcare.

Due to the increase in restaurant and retail construction in the region over the past few years, we’ve focused on creating this sector as a primary market in Washington. To help our efforts, we recently hired Senior Project Manager Jeff Crisafulli to lead the team due to his extensive experience in restaurant and retail construction.

Some of the more recent additions to our portfolio include the Huxley Wallace Collective’s Merlake Restaurants—three distinct, vibrant new restaurants in Amazon’s Merlake building. All three restaurants have their own theme and design, including a full-service bar and carryout facility. One of the restaurants, Vestal, has even been named as one of Seattle’s “Sexiest New Restaurants” by Zagat for its elegant interior finishes and ambiance.