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399 Fremont Edges Closer to Completion

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   December 28, 2015   |   Image Gallery »
399 Fremont Edges Closer to Completion

The team at Swinerton’s 399 Fremont jobsite in San Francisco, California, is continuing to drive the project toward an early completion! A gleaming glass curtain wall now clads the structure to the roof level and the building’s crown. The ground floor retail area and main entrance glazing installation is wrapping-up, which will provide a finished look on the street level. The metal-stud framing activities are close to topping-out, followed closely by plumbing and electrical rough-in, with drywall installation happening just several floors below. As taping, finishing, and painting work completes in the units, the superintendent team is maintaining their pace on the systematic installation of doors, casework, tile, flooring, fixtures, and final painting, while the punch list team is on their heels ready to finalize units for owner acceptance.

The streetscape improvements are currently finalized, as is sidewalk demolition along Harrison and Fremont Streets; critical curb, gutter, and concrete paving are also now complete. The project’s elevators have been turned over for temporary use, and the man hoist removal took place just before Thanksgiving; the final “zipper” curtain wall panels will be installed to truly close in the building and allow for final streetscape components to be placed. Once final hoisting is complete, the tower crane removal will occur, which is slated to happen before the start of the New Year.