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Colorado Steps Up Running Game to Go Wild

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   December 12, 2015
Colorado Steps Up Running Game to Go Wild

This summer Swinerton Builders Colorado runners stepped-up their running game from their usual Copper Mountain to Snowmass race—with its 13,470-foot elevation gain—by heading north for the Wild West Relay. A grueling 200-mile course from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs, the race encompasses over three mountain passes that in total reach 16,000 feet up and 14,000 feet down. Despite its difficulty, the intimidating course didn’t stop these running enthusiasts. The group actually doubled in size with 24 runners split between two teams; along with two drivers and three volunteers! 

From competitive 5.5-minute mile runners to the more recreational jogger, the team took the bull by the horns to maintain a respectable pace even with the steep grades and hot sun. But this race wasn't about getting “kills” or a place at the finish line, it was about the teamwork it took to finish the race, and the bonds formed along the way. The team came together as co-workers, but left as friends connected by the trail, laughter, and blisters. 

Wild West Relay supports Volunteer with a Purpose by providing financial assistance and volunteer opportunity to dozens of local charitable organizations. Special thanks to David White and Scott Conrad for driving the vans and keeping our runners safe.