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Key Milestones Continue at The Rey Apartment Tower

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   November 01, 2016
Key Milestones Continue at The Rey Apartment Tower

Swinerton Builders San Diego is progressing nicely on The REY, a 21-story apartment building in Downtown San Diego. Set atop eight levels of parking, with five below-grade and three-above grade, this upscale high-rise apartment complex will contain 478 units. The team expects to turn over the first units by the end of the year, with substantial completion estimated for early 2017.

In team had punched Level 12 in mid-August with the owner and are currently punching a floor per week. They also recently achieved several key milestones—they finished all of the cabinetry and countertops in the penthouse units and have also finished pouring the rooftop pool. The building cavity for the unique water feature in the south plaza is also complete, which is one of several atypical elements of the project.

Swinerton’s San Diego-based Drywall group is self-performing an extensive amount of work on the project. In addition to the drywall and metal stud framing, they are performing other miscellaneous work such as installing rooftop heaters and common area appliances, including a framed-out barbeque area. The rooftop, which will provide tenants with panoramic views of Downtown San Diego consists of a structural deck, a topping slab, and a concrete walkway or pedestal pavers atop that.