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Making Edison Proud

Contributor: Swinerton Project Team   |   December 16, 2013   |   Image Gallery »
Making Edison Proud

Swinerton Renewable Energy’s Technical Services division proudly offers our clients a highly sophisticated, proprietary, solar power generation plant monitoring and operation solution. "Solar Operations Live View,” aka SOLV™, is a robust, web-based, solar plant monitoring tool that improves maintenance and operations tasks and puts photovoltaic system performance and detailed plant data at the fingertips of owners and asset managers. The collected data also allows operators to identify potential problems, thereby minimizing downtime, increasing plant availability, and maximizing output.

SOLV is now under contract to operate and monitor over 250 MW AC of utility-scale solar facilities in 2013 and is under contract for an additional 340 MW DC in 2014. Swinerton Renewable Energy’s SOLV team, in partnership with the Technical Services O&M team, is not just meeting the sophisticated and highly technical needs of a dynamic solar industry—it's leading the way! This advanced, integrated use of new technology not only maximizes owner's profits, it also maximizes the use of nature’s inexhaustible sources of energy—a goal dreamed of by Thomas Edison 82 years ago, now shared by everyone in the field of renewable energy.

The Swinerton SOLV team produces a monthly bulletin, SOLV Evolves, to keep clients and end-users regularly informed of new developments and enhanced features. To be added to the bulletin distribution list or to read past issues, please contact Lidia Fraser at lfraser@swinerton.com. The team also recently launched a new website to showcase the unique functionality of SOLV. Check it out at www.SOLVSolar.com!