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Mid-Market SF Jobsite Digging Deep

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   May 23, 2014
Mid-Market SF Jobsite Digging Deep

Spring is in full bloom in San Francisco along with the excavation and shoring activities at Trinity Place Phase 3! Last week, the jobsite was a hub of activity as many came to witness the impressive pit that will serve as the six-level underground garage. Thirty Swinerton Project Managers from across the company was in town for training and observed the flurry of activity at the job site. Owner Angelo Sangiacomo and his wife were also part of the action wearing smiles along with their hardhats.

The 977,000 square-foot complex includes a 544-unit residential tower rising 19 floors above-grade.  The 30-inch soil-cement cutoff wall was complete in late March. The mass excavation is 60% complete, currently at 40-feet below grade. Once excavation is to subgrade, 697 tie downs will be drilled followed by the mat foundation for the tower crane.

Stay tuned for more fun updates on this project that is sure to make a mark in San Francisco’s iconic high-rise history. Is there anything in particular you’d like hear about or see? Let us know!