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Raising Higher on The REY

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   November 23, 2015
Raising Higher on The REY

Swinerton Builders San Diego is well into construction on an upscale high-rise apartment building in the heart of downtown. Formerly known as “Blue Sky,” the developer elected to rename the project “The REY” (Spanish for King) to integrate it with the El Cortez neighborhood. Construction started in November 2014 following an involved design phase. The team is on pace to turn over the first delivery of lower floor units in December 2016, followed by substantial completion in January 2017. The project features 480 residential units across 21 levels. Set atop eight levels of parking, with five below-grade and three above-grade, the building’s most striking elements are the rooftop deck and amenities package. The building will also contain an eco-roof and green wall systems.

This past August, the project team celebrated a key milestone—having reached grade with concrete structure after digging since November. Now onto typical deck construction, the team will reach their next milestone of topping-out in April. Charging forward one day at a time, they are excited about their progress made over the last year, and are looking forward to the project’s successful completion.

Thanks to the team: Mark Payne, Roger Kazemier, Brian McCarthy, Jonathan Holmes, Bobby Jennings, Mike Davison, Joe Neilly, Jeff Schieman, Matt Wiedemeier, Randy Martinez, Kim Heinz, and Kristi Ababon.