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Ready, Set, Tilt-Up & Go

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   December 12, 2014
Ready, Set, Tilt-Up & Go

Adjacent to the newly constructed Sutter Medical Center Hospital near Santa Rosa, another Sutter backed project has taken shape. The new 85,000-square-foot core and shell Medical Office Building (MOB) project, designed to complement the existing Medical Center and provide a central hub for many Sutter services, is now finished. 

Completed for private developer Hammes Company, Swinerton started the three-story tilt-up project last December. The project team achieved substantial completion on August 1, and final Certificate of Occupancy was achieved on August 25. The LEED Certification process is underway, with LEED Silver virtually guaranteed and Gold within reach.

 The MOB will house a number of doctors affiliated with Sutter as well as anchor tenant “Santa Rosa Surgery Center.” Swinerton was awarded their 19,000-square-foot, first floor Ambulatory Surgery Cener tenant improvement in March, which includes six operating rooms.