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Take a Video Tour Through Swinerton's 125-Year History

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   June 28, 2013
Take a Video Tour Through Swinerton's 125-Year History

Swinerton traces its roots back to 1888, when a young Swedish immigrant formed a brick masonry and contracting business in Los Angeles, the scene of a post–Gold Rush building boom. Since its earliest days building up the Western frontier, the company has survived and thrived through two world wars, the Great Depression and Recession, 22 US presidents, turbulent social revolutions, dynamic cultural movements, and a series of natural disasters. Exceptional craftsmanship and a reputation for integrity have led to contracts for some of the most celebrated landmark projects throughout the West and beyond.

As Swinerton celebrates our 125th anniversary in 2013, we invite you to travel back through time with us to explore the company's long and fascinating history. We look back at more than 12 decades of bold ideas, landmark structures, natural disasters, and historical events that have shaped the Swinerton organization as we know it today. From frontier towns of the Wild West to feats of modern engineering, it's been a remarkable journey!