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Trinity Gets Out of the Ground

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   November 16, 2015
Trinity Gets Out of the Ground

This summer, Swinerton’s Trinity Place Phase 3 project officially made its way up six levels of below-grade parking to finish the first floor concrete placement! The ground floor of about 72,000 square feet contains a total of 3,900 cubic yards of concrete; level one required an extensive amount of coordination due to the complexity of 11 different slab elevations.

A portion of the slab is 54-inches thick to support the 93-foot-tall Roman Goddess Venus sculpture, which will be centrally located in the plaza. The stainless steel sculpture is currently in production in China and slated to arrive on site February 2016.

A 50-foot-wide breezeway will lead to the Trinity plaza directly overlooking the Venus sculpture. The breezeway consists of four overhead transfer beams to support the 50-foot-span, which contains a total of 215 cubic yards of concrete and over 80 tons of rebar. The project is currently 40% complete.