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City of San Pablo Enjoy New Community Center

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   July 01, 2015
City of San Pablo Enjoy New Community Center

In July 2013, Swinerton Management & Consulting (SMC) began work on the City of San Pablo Helms Community Center. Since wrapping up the project in June 2014, the new facility has been well reciprocated, receiving much use from the city’s residents. Located adjacent to Helms Middle School at 2450 Road 20 in San Pablo, California, the 10,500-square-foot, wood framed, single-story  community center includes a reception/lobby area; a large community room complete with a catering kitchen; restrooms; of?ces; computer, ?tness, and youth rooms; and two multipurpose spaces. The building exterior is composed of cement plaster ?nish, aluminum windows and storefront, and multiple roo?ng systems. Construction involved the complete installation of mechanical, plumbing, electrical, telecommunications, and security systems, while site work consisted of a wood trellis, new paving, a fenced outdoor tot-lot, ?ve bioswales/in?ltration planters, landscape and planting, irrigation, and site lighting. The project is seeking LEED® Silver certification.  

Because the project was built on West Contra Costa County Unified School District property, an agreement and lease between the City and the district was required—and subsequently executed. The biggest challenge throughout the project was that the Community Center was being built at the same time as the school district’s new Soccer Field project—which completely surrounded the Community Center jobsite. This required close coordination between the projects so that activities could be planned and executed without affecting either project. Access through the Fields project was carefully planned to the Community Center so that materials could be staged, work areas could be coordinated, and both projects could progress without delay.

Thanks to solid collaboration and sound communication executed by the SMC team, this challenge was mitigated, and each project was successfully completed on schedule.