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Team Member Profile: Arti Ramnathkar, SOLV Software Developer

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   May 02, 2014
Team Member Profile: Arti Ramnathkar, SOLV Software Developer

Arti joined Swinerton Renewable Energy as a software intern in 2012, bringing extensive IT training and a passion for innovative software solutions. Both she and Swinerton quickly realized that her exceptional developing skills and the company’s clean power goals were a serendipitous match. She was instrumental in bringing SOLV to market and helping Swinerton expand its offerings to include comprehensive O&M services.

Ramnathkar also built a public-facing website for SOLV to educate potential clients and the public about its features and functions, and is currently creating a mobile application so power plant owners and O&M teams can access all the features of SOLV on the go and in the field.
Arti reports that she has found her “sweet spot” with solar and plans to remain in the industry long-term, contributing her development skills to solving the planet’s looming energy crisis.