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McKinley Park Playground Rises from the Ashes

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   August 16, 2013
McKinley Park Playground Rises from the Ashes

When the children’s playground in downtown Sacramento’s McKinley Park burned down last year, it didn’t take long for a rebuilding plan to come together. Those plans sprang into action the first week of June as the Sacramento community came together to turn the plan into a reality. Swinerton Builders Sacramento colleagues stepped up to help out with both tools and volunteers.

Before the rebuild was to begin in earnest, Swinerton Yard Manager Jay Panos and MEP Coordinator Jesse Jones delivered a truck full of tools and materials for use, including snow fencing for the childcare area and a number of saws, drills, grinders, and even a couple of chainsaws. Swinerton also donated work-in-kind hours, stepping up to volunteer around their full work schedules. Jesse headed to the site after work on Monday and Tuesday, working the evening shift until almost 9 p.m. each day. Over the weekend, Superintendent Roberto Marquez also found time to get out in the 100° heat to help out.

By week’s end, more than 2,000 volunteers with an estimated $750,000 in donated time had amassed to make the rebuild a success, leading city officials to say that the park was on track for its official re-opening on June 27. Thanks to the hard-working Swinerton employees who donated their time and skills to give back to the Sacramento community!
Photo credit: Steve Harriman