Rob Axton


The advent of building information modeling (BIM) has been truly game changing for the construction industry and for the way Swinerton conducts operations. Our in-house VDC experts turn data from architects’ designs into detailed 3D building models to provide a rich visual display of all building components and systems. These models detect major systems clashes and help identify potential problems before they arise, saving costly rework and schedule delays down the road. Building with BIM also fosters collaboration among our project teams, owners, and designers. Data from models can be accessed from anywhere, and updates are shared in real time. 

For existing building renovations, we can laser scan a facility to create a detailed point cloud, which we then turn into a highly accurate BIM representation. This automates and streamlines what once was tedious and time-consuming process to survey as-built conditions.

The benefits of BIM extend throughout a building’s life-cycle. Models can be used to identify areas of energy waste and monitor building performance. This valuable data maximizes energy efficiency, helping owners conserve resources and keep operating costs down.