Rob Axton

Green Consulting

We understand that building green is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. Green buildings yield cost savings through reduced energy and water consumption, provide healthy indoor environments conducive to productivity, and place less of a burden on
natural resources.

As builders, we have a responsibility to minimize environmental impact and to create the energy-efficient communities of tomorrow. Since creating one of the nation’s first green buildings back in 1970, we’ve remained at the forefront of sustainable construction practices. Our commitment attracts forward-thinking employees who are passionate about the latest innovations in green construction, including an industry-leading percentage of LEED AP and GA professionals. Our green building experts are available to help clients achieve their sustainability goals—both on projects that Swinerton builds and on a consulting basis.

Services Include:

  • LEED guidance and administration
  • GreenPoint Rated certification
  • Living Building Challenge certification
  • Green retrofitting
  • Carbon emission reporting
  • Energy modeling
  • Daylighting