A culture of innovation and flexibility has been essential to Swinerton’s enduring success. The construction industry is constantly evolving, and we’ve seen innumerable changes in our 130-year history.

As builders, we recognize our responsibility to preserve natural resources for future generations, and we’re building for the future through our commitment to sustainability. Swinerton is committed to green building initiatives that create structures that will operate cleanly and efficiently for many years to come.

As part of our commitment to those standards, Swinerton formed the Center for Excellence in Project Delivery in 2012 to accelerate the company’s adoption of construction technology, including BIM, laser scanning, field robotics, and virtual scheduling and estimating.

Swinerton also proudly boasts its Renewable Energy division, using our experience as builders to create new energy opportunities for the communities we serve. In just a few short years, Swinerton Renewable Energy has over 1 GW of electrical capacity, and the division continues to innovate with EPC Solar Installation services, SOLV management and operations software, and Sunscreen, an application for tracking solar panel installation.