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Swinerton Builders Hawaii: December 01, 2008

Sony Open Launches a Multi-Year Commitment to "Go Green"

Tournament will Unveil the Greenside Lanai – the First Sustainability-focused, Air-conditioned Hospitality Complex on the PGA TOUR

The Sony Open in Hawaii has launched a multi-year commitment to "Go Green" at its annual PGA TOUR tournament scheduled January 12 - 18, 2009 at Waialae Country Club. The objective is to reduce adverse environmental impact of the event and educate fans about environmental stewardship.

“Golf is as much about aesthetics as sport," said Tournament Director Ray Stosik. “Waialae was built around a uniquely beautiful expression of nature. When we rally together to support the health of the golf course, we hope to stimulate our patrons to make green initiatives in all areas of home and community. The Greenside Lanai will provide an opportunity for guests to learn about and experience a green environment, and carry their enthusiasm for it back into the community after the tournament. We want to lead by example. If we all do our part, it will make a significant impact on the quality of life in our island home."

Stosik and his tournament staff enlisted two of Hawaii's leading “green" experts - contractor, Swinerton Builders and architectural firm, Group 70 International - to shape the vision for a totally green hospitality environment and experience. The Sony Open Greenside Lanai project, positioned along Waialae's Par 5 “Aloha" 9th hole, will be the first sustainability-focused, air-conditioned hospitality complex on the PGA TOUR and will demonstrate the feasibility of incorporating environmentally supportive measures in temporary, as well as permanent, environments.

“The Sony Open Greenside Lanai will be constructed almost entirely of re-used or recycled materials," said Bill Krill, Operations Manager and Green Building Chairman, Swinerton Builders. “Our goal is to provide an eco-friendly model that can be adapted quite easily for commercial or residential use."

“The concept of the Greenside Lanai revolves around earth ecosystems - kai (sea), 'aina (land), and lani (sky). One cannot survive without the other," said Jim Stone, Principal, Group 70 International. “Sustainability is rooted in our natural environment, which is why we want to emphasize each."

With respect to the 'aina, the focus is around two shipping containers with three, tiered viewing levels. Harnessing the power of lani (sky), energy from the sun will be captured with photovoltaic systems, which provide energy to the structure and also provide power for the air-conditioned hospitality venue. Like the flow of ocean currents (kai), an exhibit space near the Greenside Lanai will encourage fans to flow through an educational experience to learn more about green initiatives for Hawaii.

“This is an exciting collaboration with Swinerton Builders and Group 70 International," said Stosik. “Their passion and expertise in sustainability has fueled our enthusiasm for environmental stewardship at the Sony Open that will demonstrate to all direct and indirect participants not only the idea, but the built form and information that will help them strive toward environmental stewardship. We hope that everyone who comes to the Sony Open gains a greater appreciation of ways they can 'go green.'"

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