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Swinerton Builders San Diego: August 12, 2010

Swinerton Builders San Diego Pushes Ohr Shalom in Last States of Remodel

Ohr Shalom, $600,000 short of its $4.2 million goal, went public Wednesday with an appeal for donations to complete the renovation of the former Temple Beth Israel, a 1926 landmark on Laurel Street in Park West.


“Make it Your Business to Make History” fundraising campaign, spearheaded by Luis Maizel, president of LM Advisors, was created as a way to involve the greater San Diego community in contributing to the expensive restoration endeavor.


Swinerton and the Architect have worked hard in making this restoration possible, with their hard work being recognized by all.


“The painstaking combination of the old and the new was a challenge for Zagrodnik & Thomas Architects and Swinerton Builders,” Meltzer said, referring to the architects and builders in charge of the restoration project, “and it is evident now that it will be beautifully accomplished.”


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