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Swinerton Builders Los Angeles: October 27, 2010

Caltech Unveils New Solar Array

Caltech officials Wednesday unveiled a new 1.1-megawatt solar energy system that will help the campus meet its goal of reaching 1.3 megawatts by 2010 - and stay ahead of the curve in renewable energy.


From the rooftops of seven Caltech buildings, the new, 4,500-panel system is expected to generate an estimated 1,646,668 kilowatt-hours of clean energy in its first year, and eliminate around 1,150 metric tons of carbon dioxide in its first few years of operation, according to estimates.


"The introduction of high-caliber companies like Swinerton means that jobs become more efficient and get done faster and more safely." Swinerton representatives said construction on the Caltech project took about 60 days and averaged around 20 workers per day.


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