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Swinerton Builders : June 12, 2016

505 Brannan Phase 1 Underway, Growth Spurt Will Come Later

Owners Alexandria and TMG Partners didn’t wait around for the adoption of the Central SoMa Plan before breaking ground on 505 Brannan.

The plan would have bestowed the commercial site, currently zoned for 85 feet, with an extra 165 feet of height.  But with growing economic uncertainty and potential delays in securing more allowable office space, the owners took a prudent decision and stayed committed to their original shovel ready project.  After securing a lease with sole tenant Pinterest last autumn, construction started earlier this year for a six story 85 foot tall building with 137,446 sq. feet of office space and two subterranean levels holding 66 parking stalls.

An opportunity to build a grander tower is not lost however.  By digging a deeper foundation and assembling a stronger internal frame beyond what’s required for a six story building, contractor Swinerton is constructing a structure with the capabilities to go taller.  In fact, the owners have already submitted plans for phase II, which will add 11 stories and an additional 168,820 sq. feet of office space to the building.  If approved and built, the combined 17 story building will stand 250 feet high and house 306,266 sq. feet of office space.

A similar example of pre-planned expansion occurred in 2010 at Chicago’s Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower, where 24 floors were stacked on top of an already existing 33 story building.

Alexandria has a commanding 99.2% stake in the property with the remaining ownership controlled by TMG Partners.  Phase I construction, which includes only the six story building, should wrap up by late 2017.

Additional Details:

Owner: Alexandria Real Estate Equities and TMG Partners
Contractor: Swinerton
Architect: Heller Manus Architects
Phase I Specs: 85 feet tall (not include roof mechanicals), 6 stories, 137,446 sq. feet of
office space
Phase II Specs: 250 feet tall (not include roof mechanicals), 17 stories, 306, 266 sq. feet of office space

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