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Swinerton Builders Silicon Valley: July 12, 2011

NASA Plants Sustainability Base On Planet Earth

As NASA’s space programme winds down with the final mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the US space agency is looking to the future with a totally sustainable building, on planet Earth, NASA’s Sustainability Base.

The office building is designed to be a model of eco-friendly architecture and technology, and each part of the building is said to perform an environmental function.

Green Building
Now NASA is not usually associated with being kind to the environment (consider the carbon emissions of those booster rockets for example), but one of the really interesting thing about the  NASA’s Sustainability Base is that it will be one of a few structures in California that can generate more electricity than it consumes.

So what exactly is it? Well the 50,000-square-foot space-age building is located at NASA’s Ames Research Centre in Silicon Valley near San Jose, and it incorporates technology used by astronauts, in that it will capture used water from showers and sinks, and then treat it before sending it to urinals and toilets.

Meanwhile the grass on the lawn will be irrigated with water from a contaminated groundwater treatment plant instead of drinkable water. Native plants will be used to filter contaminants out of rainwater before it enters main water drain system.

The two story, two wing building will also consume 90 percent less drinkable water than conventional buildings of comparable size.

The building itself is in the final stages of construction and should be opened in mid July.

Swinerton Builders is the General Contractor for this green wonder.

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