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Swinerton Builders Silicon Valley: July 28, 2011

Construction Begins at Trace Elementary in San Jose

When students return to Trace Elementary School on Aug. 15 they will finally be looking toward their future.

A year ago, they returned to burnt remains and rubble. That was all that was left after a July 5, 2010, arson fire destroyed the 25,000-square-foot building that housed the school library, 16 classrooms and some offices on Dana Avenue. It caused more than $10 million in damages and destroyed books, lesson plans, work sheets, décor and more that Trace teachers had spent years working on.

Throughout the 2010-2011 school year, chain link fences separated the charred area, while many students were forced into portable classrooms and the size of the playing fields was reduced. The fencing remains, but now students will be able to see their new 33,250-square-foot building rise during the coming school year.

On Aug. 1 foundation and slab work is expected to begin with framing scheduled to start on Sept. 12. Swinerton Builders is doing the construction and BFGC-IBI Group Architecture Planning did the design.

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