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Swinerton Builders Orange County: August 09, 2011

Californias Airport Projects Remobilize Following FAA Agreement

The U.S. Senate last week approved a Federal Aviation Administration stopgap bill that keeps the agency funded through Sept. 16, prompting a return of contractors to construction sites in Oakland and Palm Springs.

Palm Springs International Airport’s Executive Director Tom Nolan said the construction site, as of Monday, was not fully staffed with nearly 60 workers, but Swinerton Builders, San Francisco, the general contractor, was back on site. The $13.9-million project includes a 150-foot tower and 7,200-square-foot base building. Completion is scheduled for early 2013.

Asked whether he believed that the airport’s tower project could once again be shut down if a new agreement isn’t made before Sept. 16, Nolan said he has no other option but to “take one day at a time.”

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