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Swinerton Renewable Energy: January 22, 2013

University Apartments Explore New Frontiers in Water Management

The University of California at San Diego (UCSD) recently received a LEED Platinum certification for its new Charles David Keeling Apartments, which are named after the scientist who initially alerted the world to the possibility of global warming, after developing the first instrument to measure levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The architect on the 159,600-square-foot project was Philadelphia firm KieranTimberlake and the construction manager was Swinerton Builders, out of San Francisco.

The apartments are located in the Revelle College area of campus, which is fitting, as Keeling was a prominent protégé of Roger Revelle, who founded a program to measure carbon dioxide levels at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and appointed Keeling to head it. Keeling made his historic discoveries while working at that position. Revelle later went on to be one of the instrumental figures in the formation of UCSD; now the pair have been immortalized in the oldest section of the campus.

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