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Swinerton Builders: March 01, 2013

Female Construction Execs Form WiOPS

Sarah Creighton and Holly Cindell of McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. of Newport Beach, Calif., are among a group of pioneering women from Southern California construction, architecture and engineering companies to begin WiOPS, a professional organization geared toward women in construction operations. Creighton and Cindell were named co-chairs for the organization, which aims to mentor women working in the operations side of construction.

The WiOPS founding board members include: Co-chairmen, Holly Cindell and Sarah Creighton, McCarthy; Vice Chairman, Nancy Goldman, Jezowski & Markel; Secretary, Kasie Bowden, Hensel Phelps Construction Co.; Treasurers, Lia Tatevosian, Swinerton Builders and Lucy Villanueva, McCarthy; Membership, Amanda Corbet, McCarthy and Events Coordinator, Shaabini Alford, Murray Company. Other WiOPS members instrumental to the group’s founding include: Bernadette Reyes, Clark Construction Group; LaDrena Dansby, USC Capital Construction Development; Elle Navarro and Michelle Garcia, Hensel Phelps Construction Co.; Sammi Maya, McCarthy; Jessica Drake, Swinerton Builders and Kathlynn Smith, Hunt Ortman and founder of SmartGirls and SmartGirls’ Guide to Construction Law. 

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