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Swinerton Builders: May 13, 2013

Top of the List: General contractors

Each week, we show you the top five companies from our Lists printed in our Friday paper. This week we feature general contractors.

The companies on the list posted $2.97 billion in 2012 and they employ 2,701 people during peak construction season. Eleven have headquarters in the four-county area.

General contractors, ranked by local revenue

  1. Turner Construction Co., Sacramento, $695 million
  2. McCarthy Building Cos. Inc., Roseville, $560 million
  3. Swinerton Builders Sacramento, Sacramento $212 million
  4. Roebbelen Contracting Inc., El Dorado Hills, $195 million
  5. S.D. Deacon Corp. of California, Citrus Heights, $150 million


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