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Swinerton Builders: July 01, 2013

ENR California Announces 'Contractor of the Year' Winner

Swinerton Builders has been named Contractor of the Year!

In the next issue of ENR California, we will be spotlighting the Top General Contractors in the state. In addition to the ranking of the largest firms by revenue, we will also spotlight one firm as the Top Contractor of the Year. To be nominated for the award, the firm must have seen a rise in their revenue from the previous year’s ranking. In addition, the firm must have exhibited a commitment to sustainability, innovation and dedication to the community in building a better California. 

This year we have two powerhouse nominees: Clark Construction Group and Swinerton Builders. Clark saw its annual California revenue grow 56% in 2012 and had over $1 billion in green-related revenue. They are working on landmark projects throughout the state including the Stanford Hospital, Hall of Justice and the Transbay Tower.

Swinerton Builders saw revenue shoot up 30% in 2012, and this year the San Francisco-based company is celebrating its 125-year anniversary. The firm has an excellent safety record and reported over $900 million in green revenue during 2012, with the highest number of LEED accredited employees than any other firm on the ranking. Known for highly visible building projects such as 10th & Market and 535 Mission Street in San Francisco and the Ariel Suites in San Diego, Swinerton is also a leader in solar facility construction. 

And the winner is, after a close vote… Swinerton Builders! You can read more about Swinerton’s contributions to the California built environment and the firm’s innovative use of technology in the August issue of ENR California.


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