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Swinerton Builders Hawaii: October 08, 2014

Aiona Announces Innovative H.O.P.E. Affordable Housing Program

Gubernatorial candidate Duke Aiona announced a ground-breaking affordable housing solution: H.O.P.E. (Home Ownership Personal Equity) Affordable Housing Program.

 Aiona is once again the only candidate to have released any detailed solutions so far this election, which is already a break from the status quo his opponents continue to perpetuate. Aiona makes cost of living a top priority and this program is another key piece to a statewide solution.

“This model hasn’t been implemented in the nation, much less in the state of Hawai‘i,” exclaimed Aiona. In fact, it’s a locally-developed innovative concept that directly addresses the needs of residents who suffer the worst cost of living and housing expenses in the nation.

The creative concept is a collaboration of local developers, builders and financiers who have been a key part of Aiona’s affordable housing focus group. Two team members — Peter Savio of the Savio Group and Jay Iranon of Swinerton Builders — were both on hand as Aiona released the policy initiative to the local media.

“It’s not about the developers making money, it’s not about anything other than helping the people and changing the future,” said Peter Savio, “Bringing stability to our communities.” Savio expanded that point by adding, “I have better tenants who take better care of the property because they’re not tenants any longer but tenant-owners. Yes, I’m giving away value but also some of my expenses associated with vacancies and wear-and-tear.”

As Aiona stated clearly, the H.O.P.E. program will not require tax dollars or legislative approval: it can be done by the governor within existing laws. “This should not be a partisan issue,” Aiona concluded, “It’s a compelling case that all people should be able to support for our Hawai‘i.”  

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