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Swinerton Builders Colorado: October 06, 2016

Denver International Airport Adds 1,800 Parking Spaces with Opening of New Garage

Denver International Airport (DEN) on Oct. 7, will open a new, four-story parking garage, adding a total of 1,821 parking spaces on the east side of the Jeppesen Terminal.

Construction of the $45 million structure, located on the southeast corner of the Jeppesen Terminal, began in early 2015 and officially opens to drivers at 7 a.m. Friday. Public parking in the garages is available for $3 per hour or $24 per day. Reserved parking is available online.

“The parking garages are very popular with travelers because they offer the closest, most convenient access to the Jeppesen Terminal,” airport CEO Kim Day said.

The project was built by Swinerton Builders and is paid for by the airport’s Capital Improvement Project fund. DEN does not receive taxpayer money from the city’s General Fund.

With the opening of the garage, DEN will offer convenient access to 16,689 garage parking spaces, and manage a total of 44,271 parking spaces. There are now a combined total of eight, four-story garage modules adjacent to the terminal on the east and west sides. The new parking garage also includes access to six new, Level 1 electric vehicle charging stations that are free to use and available on a first-come basis. An additional 10 Level 1 charging stations will be installed later this month in the west garage, for a total of 36 public electric vehicle charging stations located in the garages.

The new garage is part of a wider program to improve the overall passenger experience when parking at the airport. In 2014, DEN added reserved parking spaces in the east and west parking garages and a total of 20 electric vehicle charging stations were installed in 2013 and 2015. The airport also retrofit more than 5,400 lights in the existing parking garages with energy-efficient LED fixtures to improve lighting and reduce energy consumption.

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