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Swinerton Renewable Energy: March 11, 2016

For Swinerton Renewable Energy 2016 is EP1C!

After 128 years in the business, it can be hard to innovate and grow.

But in 2008, Swinerton Renewable Energy (SRE)—a division of Swinerton Builders—started thanks to the insight shown by a handful of its own people during the second largest economic downturn of its long history. On their earliest photovoltaic projects, the team sought to familiarize itself with new technologies, new business models, and a dynamic range of competitors. SRE was challenged to align with this new market, but succeeded thanks to strong corporate backing and perseverance born over a century of building. In 2010, the group started building multiple projects on Kaiser hospitals across California. Six years later, SRE is now celebrating the monumental achievement of 1 gigawatt (GW) of photovoltaic generation commissioned and placed in service. This is enough energy to power over 164,000 homes
per year.

Part of this success comes from Swinerton’s roots as a builder, not just a manager of projects. By self-performing their own work, it translates into a solid understanding of the technologies and design of the projects. It also fosters true ownership of the final work product. The completed plants’ quality construction results in costs savings for owners in long-term operations and maintenance. SRE’s Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) team’s goal is to build better projects. Swinerton’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) group, SOLV®, often takes over O&M duties on these projects once the EPC scope is complete. As the EPC team reaches the 1 GW milestone this year, so did the SOLV team. SOLV actually hit the 1 GW milestone under management at the end of 2015. This is not just on SRE projects, but on many projects built by other EPC firms. SOLV is the go to group for dozens of owners around the United States, who trust SOLV’s professional and skilled management team’s tireless efforts to increase the output and uptime of these facilities.

This 1 GW milestone comes with the commissioning and start-up of the Sandstone solar project. Constructed in Florence, Arizona, for sPower, one of SRE’s valued owner partners, this project is a perfect example of how Swinerton builds their jobs to meet the needs of project ownership. A 58 MW project, Sandstone reached Substantial Completion in only six months, while achieving every goal and critical milestone date of the owner. This was accomplished while overcoming significant project delays, which had crews on site installing over 9,000 modules per day to meet completion deadlines. Wherever the opportunity for success exists, SRE rises to the occasion time and time again to help their clients exceed their goals.

But there’s something even more significant than SRE’s recent 1 GW achievement. By the end of 2016, they will place a second gigawatt in service! Six years to reach 1 GW, 12 months to match it. Already looking ahead to 2017, momentum is solidly behind them. Equipped with the technical knowledge and skilled craftsmanship developed over years of photovoltaic construction, the future looks very sunny for SRE.

About Swinerton
Swinerton Renewable Energy
(SRE) offers engineering, procurement, construction, and SOLV® services for solar photovoltaic plants throughout North America to a diverse range of clients. Over 125 years of building landmark projects, Swinerton has forged a reputation for unsurpassed safety, workmanship, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction. Today, our team takes pride in building cost-effective solar systems that will generate reliable, clean power for many years to come. SRE has delivered over 1 GW solar projects and our SOLV team manages over 1.5 GW of PV plants.