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Swinerton Incorporated: November 22, 2013

Fraudulent Check Scam

Swinerton has become aware of a scam involving consumers receiving a letter with a check. These scam notifications state that the consumer is a monetary prize winner.

It includes a forged check issued under the name of Swinerton Incorporated. Swinerton is absolutely not involved in this scam. We are working with our bank and local law enforcement to address the fraudulent activity and taking steps towards ensuring this does not happen to more victims.  At this time, we have no knowledge of how the people responsible for this scam obtained our information, or how they compiled their list of those they targeted. 

If you or someone you know has received such a communication, please be advised this is a scam and do not attempt to cash the forged check (the check will not process and victims may incur bank penalty fees). Instead, please contact your local law enforcement agency or your attorney general’s office.