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Swinerton Builders Sacramento: June 24, 2016

Golden 1 Center on home stretch to completion

Numerous interior improvements are putting Golden 1 Center into the home stretch toward completion.

According to an update sent by the Sacramento Kings this week, installation of various features is taking place literally top to bottom. Atop the roof, the solar panel system is going in, and along the outside, the storefront and glazing for the practice facility are coming into place.

Alongside the main hangar doors, exterior LED video panel supports are also going in.

Inside, workers are putting in the metal ceiling systems for the main concourse; putting in cabinets, flooring and finishes for the courtside clubs, locker rooms and other event-level spaces, adding glass railings on the lofts, suites and upper bowl; and connecting new storm drains to city systems on K and J streets.

Work on curbs, gutters and sidewalks on L Street is also underway, meaning pedestrian access up to the arena itself is on the horizon.

Across the plaza to the north, vertical progress is reaching higher floors for the planned hotel mixed-use tower.

The update noted that Swinerton Builders crews are working on a deck and concrete pouring on the fifth level near 5th and J Streets. Closer to the Scientology building on J Street, crews are raising column rebar, pouring concrete for columns and walls and forming decks on the third and fourth levels.

That 16-story building is on track to open in about nine months.

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