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Swinerton Builders: August 12, 2013

Innovation Is Key to Swinerton Longevity

During its 125 years of operation, Swinerton Builders has been no stranger to crises. In 1889, it helped rebuild fire-ravaged Bakersfield. In 1906 the firm pitched in to reconstruct San Francisco, long its home city, after the devastating earthquake.

In 1994, Swinerton was on the scene north of Los Angeles restoring areas hammered by the Northridge quake. Through all those critical periods, and drastic fluctuations in the economy, Swinerton has maintained a culture of innovation by pioneering new technology and expanding into new markets.

"Swinerton has survived and thrived throughout 125 years because of [its] willingness to adapt and a keen awareness of transformative building trends," says Mike Re, CEO of the employee-owned company. "This combination of flexibility and foresight has led to winning strategies, from the boardroom to the jobsite."

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