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Swinerton Renewable Energy: May 06, 2014

New UL-Listed and 98% CEC-Rated AE 1000NX Inverter Reduces PV Site Construction Costs, Enables Higher Energy Production

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.recently announced that its newest 1 MW, 1.1 MVA commercial and utility-scale PV inverter is now UL 1741 certified with a 98% CEC-weighted efficiency.

Enabling system designers to increase profitability while assuring UL compliance in grid connected systems. The Advanced Energy® (AE) 1000NX inverter is a 1 MW, 1000 V unit that reduces installation costs for integrators, installers and EPCs with comprehensive, integrated utility controls, as well as a combiner-level PV tie that cuts DC home-run wiring costs by nearly half.

Designed specifically for high reliability and robust performance, the bipolar, transformerless, single-engine AE 1000NX inverter received certification in February from ETL for customers that require the official UL 1741 safety standard. Outdoor-rated and optimized for utility applications, the 1000NX inverter includes a full complement of factory-installed utility controls that address a wide variety of interconnection requirements. The 1000NX inverter requires no additional add-ons or accessories, such as an external DC recombiner, disconnect or monitoring software, optimizing balance-of-system costs. In addition, an industry-exclusive combiner-level PV tie reduces the length and gauge of costly DC wire by 45% or more—with clear construction-cost-saving results.

"Advanced Energy has been a long-time, trusted partner in designing and deploying our utility-scale solar projects," said George W. Hershman, vice president, division manager, for Swinerton Renewable Energy. "We are especially excited about using the 1000NX inverter in our 2014 portfolio of projects and have successfully deployed this product in our newly commissioned 18 MW project in Huron, California. AE is a leader in technology innovation, and, with the unique DC system technology and combiner-level PV tie, we realized significant cost savings."

The inverter also sets a high performance standard in the 1 MW power category with a 98% efficiency rating on the California Energy Commission (CEC) list of approved inverters. With 98% CEC-weighted efficiency, 98.1% peak efficiency and support for high DC-to-AC ratios, the 1000NX inverter will produce maximum power, providing higher, faster returns on the entire PV system.

"The AE 1000NX inverter sets a new standard for the future of commercial and particularly utility-scale PV that benefits all parties in the industry value chain," said Steve Levy, Vice President, Americas Sales–Inverters. "For system designers, it substantially improves project economics. For end customers, it comes standard with all of the features our customers need, and—with high CEC and peak efficiency ratings, a wide operating window and an expanded power factor range—it has the capability to generate more energy than any other inverter in its class."

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