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Swinerton Renewable Energy: April 08, 2016

Solar farms being built

6 projects could generate 50 megawatts

VALE — Work has started in earnest on six solar farms in Malheur County which, when completed, are expected to generate a combined 50 megawatts of power.

The project contractor is Swinerton Renewable Energy, based in San Diego, which already has four of the sites in various early stages of construction, project engineer Vince Longo said.

The developer for the local project is Panasonic, he said.

Solar sites include one near the Vale Airport, one near Gem Avenue north of Nyssa, one along Railroad Avenue, west of Oregon Highway 201, one near Grove Road west of U.S. Highway

20 and the EP Minerals plant, one off of Owyhee Avenue between Nyssa and Adrian and one in the Hyline Area, north of Ontario, Longo said.

Grading work has been done or is underway at some of the sites, and a crew will start working next week on the foundations for the trackers that will support and adjust the solar panels, project superintendent Michael Neudoerffer said.

An installation crew will come in the following week, Neudoerffer said.

About 60 to 80 people will be working when the project gets underway in full, he said.

“It will take about six months,” he said.

While some preliminary work had been started in the middle of March, the official kickoff for the project was Monday, Neudoerffer said.

When finished, the projects could power hundreds of homes. One megawatt of electricity is enough power for 164 homes, Neudoerffer said.

The Malheur County jobs aren’t Swinerton’s only projects.

“We have jobs all over the nation,” Longo said.

Near Lakeview, the company installed a solar system that has been finished for a couple of years. Another is just getting underway near Grandview, Idaho, Neudoerffer said.

He said his company has upwards of 20 projects under construction around the nation.

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