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Swinerton Renewable Energy: November 17, 2013

Solar field is first of its kind in Newton County

A field of solar panels was recently installed in Lake Village to produce clean energy for NIPSCO.

The solar energy field recently constructed in Lake Village at the corner of US 41 and Route 10 was scheduled to “go live” Monday, making it the first solar energy site in Newton County. The stationary panels have a 25 year life expectancy and are expected to reflect energy savings to Newton County residents within the next two to three years.  Project foreman Rob Lovell, of Swinerton Renewable Energy, lauds solar energy as, “The cleanest energy you can find”, and less noisy and visually obstructive than windmill farms.

Solar power is produced when sunlight absorb into the solar panel which releases electrons that create DC voltage, like the power found in a battery.  The DC voltage is routed to an inverter that changes the voltage from DC to AC, the standard household voltage. The power created at a freestanding solar site is then sold back to a parent power company such as NIPSCO, who then sells it to the consumer.

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