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Swinerton Renewable Energy: October 19, 2016

Solar Power Project Complete in Chisago County

The Midwest's largest single solar facility is now complete in Chisago County.

Construction has just wrapped up with a ribbon cutting held Wednesday for the community. 

This is one of the largest solar facilities in the country with more than 440,000 solar panels spanning 1,000 acres near North Branch. It's expected to create enough energy to power more than 20,000 homes through Xcel Energy

Those celebrating the ribbon cutting say they are proud to be the host community for the project. 

"This is a big deal. I've been on the county board for sixteen years and you don't have many days like this is a real big deal," says Chisago County Commissioner, Mike Robinson. 

"On this job millions of dollars was brought in to the local economy in the way of local vendor contracts, subcontractors, wages to the local workforce that were hired," says Swinerton Renewable Energy Project Manager, Brian Hoopes. 

North Star should be up and running this December. Xcel Energy's ultimate goal is to have eight percent of its electricity from solar by 2030 and this project is a big part of that mission.

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