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Swinerton Builders: June 23, 2014

Sunroad Centrum II floors stand in Kearny Mesa

Putting shovels in the ground at the lot behind the Sunroad Centrum building built in 2007 came slow. This June, Swinerton construction workers built the Sunroad Centrum II office building up to the third floor.

Two months ago, the lot stood at ground level.

The new building, one of three originally planned for the old site of a General Dynamics manufacturing plant, purchased by Sunroad Partners in 2000, will not reach its full height. The 12 stories Bridgepoint Education agreed to lease office space in during 2012 before construction, and the lease, was cancelled.

Another glass faced office building will raise the development on Spectrum Center Boulevard in Kearny Mesa. West a block from the brand new townhomes on lease at ARIVA. The 2007 downscaling of an already built high rise, the Sunroad Centrum I building, down to 160 feet, a construction act done to agree to keep the height down 1 mile north of the city owned Montgomery Airport dozens of planes fly to and out of each day, stands both an ultimate win, and, a shock to the city's developers.

The property just south of the airport zone height development line at Lightwave Avenue will hold its own in the office leasing market.

Employees working at the worksite off Kearny Villa Road, near the 163 freeway, already have their parking spaces to park in on the new surface parking lot built, the end of last year, on the site northside of Sunroad Centrum I that was the planned site for the second office tower. The last building place at the Spectrum corner location will have the same face on the street. Steel pillars stand out above the two low floors workers squared to fit office spaces, on walking levels, and, guarded with stand out floor supports.

The San Diego city council decision to zone in a building height limit, just after Sunroad Partners bought the old General Dynamics land, no longer makes developer regrets certain. Land Sunroad had the building permits to build on in 2006, during Mayor Jerry Sanders period of usual development approvals, will end up at a full build out.

An agreement to lower Sunroad Centrum II to 8 floors, from 12 floors, put an end to the development conflict.

Work lining up the office spaces inside the floors for productive work in office lights will up the limit on business investment in Kearny Mesa. Just one more office tower designed to make San Diego business a big success stays a construction goal. Sunroad Centrum II.

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