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Swinerton Builders Texas: January 01, 2016

Swinerton Builders – Chevron Corp.’s Midland Campus Project

Construction of Chevron Corp.’s new office campus in Midland, Texas, is almost complete, but the final months of the job are some of the busiest, says Jason Chappell, project manager for Swinerton Builders.

Plans call for 500 Chevron workers to start occupying the new complex in first quarter of 2016. In the meantime, furniture and other supplies will be moved into the facility, and a lengthy commissioning process must be completed. “There’s a lot of sophisticated HVAC and electrical systems to test,” Chappell says. “It has to do with comfort for the occupants.”

Chappell is extremely satisfied with the results of the project, which broke ground in summer 2013. “It’s a very sophisticated office building,” he says. “It has some very nice amenities.”

The 25-acre campus features two four-story buildings totaling 330,000 square feet. The buildings are designed to accommodate 800 employees, giving Chevron Corp. room for anticipated growth over the next few years. “I think they were looking for a building for the next 50 years,” Chappell says. “They wanted something that would last.”

The campus features a pre-cast parking structure for 700 cars, a complete central plant and cooling tower yard, back-of-house operations and security. “The buildings are connected by the conference center,” Chappell says. Additionally, enclosed walkways extend between the second, third and fourth levels of the buildings. “Architecturally, they separate the two buildings,”
he says. 

The complex was designed by St. Louis-based HOK. Both buildings feature several huddle rooms designed to enhance collaborative efforts, Chappell notes.

The concrete and reinforced steel buildings are enclosed by a unitized, high-performance curtainwall system. “It saves you time on installation,” Chappell explains. But the factory-assembled panels required more time for engineering, fabrication and detailing, he says. The project is slated to achieve a LEED Gold designation from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The 34,000-square-foot conference center is one of the highlights of the complex, Chappell says. The central focus of the first level and it is designed to accommodate corporate events, or the space can be partitioned for meetings, workshops and presentations.

The new facility also offers a variety of employee amenities including a fitness center, full-service kitchen and outdoor walking path. Chevron decided to build the new campus because it needed more space for its Midland workforce. The campus also is designed to support Chevron’s goal of providing a world-class facility for its west Texas Permian Basin operations, allowing them to attract new employees and support future growth in Midland. 

The remote location of the jobsite presented a challenge for Swinerton Builders, Chappell says. “More than 90 percent of the workforce was from out of town,” he says. Many of the workers temporarily relocated to Midland until their portion of the work was completed. 

Bringing additional workers to the jobsite on short notice was not easy, Chappell says. “The challenge is scheduling people properly,” he says. “When you need an increase in manpower, it doesn’t happen right away.”

Safety A Success

Chappell says he is especially proud of the project’s safety record, which features no lost-time incidents after 1 million work hours, or 875 work days, were logged. “Our safety record on the job is bar none,” he says. But achieving the milestone required effort and communication, he says. “It’s the culture of safety that’s created on the site,” he says. “That’s really the biggest thing.”

The safety culture was demonstrated in the relationships cultivated among subcontractors, Chappell says. “There was open dialog between the subs,” he says. “We had more people looking out for the betterment of the project as a whole.” Additionally, Swinerton Builders placed a significant number of safety managers on the jobsite to ensure that employees stay focused and followed safety procedures, he says.

In fact, Swinerton’s safety record, execution plan and long-term relationship with Chevron were critical aspects in Chevron’s evaluation and selection of the Swinerton team, says Chappell, who adds that Swinerton is dedicated to safety and it has shown in the results achieved on previous Chevron projects. 

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