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Swinerton Builders: March 31, 2014

Swinerton Builders Uses Web-Based, Mobile Technology to Remain at Forefront of Sustainable Building

“Swinerton has always been ahead of the curve on adoption of technology."

"When I first started with Swinerton 16 years ago, we were using a Swinerton-developed construction management and accounting software that was accessible to the field via modem, P3 scheduling software and Lotus 123 customized spreadsheet solutions for estimating. This evolution has continued with early adoption of web-based invitation to bid systems and web-based document distribution,” stated David Green, Vice President and Regional Estimating Manager at Swinerton, in a recent case study detailing the firm’s use of technology in preconstruction.

For the past year and a half, Swinerton has managed invitation to bid online and from mobile devices using the web-based SmartBidNet software. “Our primary driver [in adopting SmartBidNet] was ease of use for subcontractors, our clients in a bid situation. The ability to have one database for multiple offices and ease of use for our employees were other primary factors,” added Green.

“Swinerton Builders was recently awarded preconstruction of a $ 60 million retail project in downtown San Francisco, which we only had one week to budget. Use of SmartBidNet was essential to be able to get documents and communication out in an expeditious manner for subcontractor feedback. We are now continuing to use the system for preconstruction and value engineering efforts,” he further explained.

Along with the web-based bid management system, Swinerton is leading the charge in adopting 3D, 4D, and 5D BIM solutions and bringing technology from the office to the field seamlessly through mobile devices and applications.

To read the full case study detailing Swinerton’s preconstruction technology, visit: http://www.smartbidnet.com/case-study-swinerton

Many of the solutions Swinerton employs will be exhibiting next week at the AGC Annual Convention and Constructor Expo. For more information, visit: http://www.smartbidnet.com/agc

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