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Swinerton Renewable Energy: January 08, 2016

Swinerton selects Applied Energy Technologies’ (AET) ground mount for 30 MW project

Applied Energy Technologies (AET) is proud to announce that Swinerton Renewable Energy has selected the Rayport-G ECO mounting system for a 30 MW-DC project in North Carolina.

AET’s engineering team provided substantial support for the system due to the unique site conditions. Extensive custom engineering was required to design the 30 MW-DC project taking into consideration flood plain levels. The site had a variable flood plain height from 2’ to 6’ based on the terrain of the site.  AET performed a detailed analysis to determine final post lengths and post sizes required to maintain a leading edge height that was above the required flood plain height for the project.

AET is recognized industry-wide for its high level of precision, detail and streamlined processes enabling them to support projects of all sizes in varying locations. For this particular project, AET successfully delivered materials for the entire 30 MW-DC project over a six week period in order to meet Swinerton’s timeline.

“Swinerton is one of the EPC industry leaders and we are delighted to work with them on another joint project. It is rewarding to have an association with companies who are the best in the business,” said Aaron Faust, VP of Business Development for AET. “Our ability to execute on these large utility-scale projects is a validation of both our system and our expertise.”

The Rayport-G ECO is strong and durable, having been engineered to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions. It is also light and compact, allowing for high shipping density, significantly reducing freight costs and enabling easier handling on the job site.

“We selected AET not only for their high quality product, but because we knew they would meet our strict deadline and still provide the level of engineering and design support needed for this particular project,” said George Hershman, VP and Division Manager of Swinerton Renewable Energy.

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