DIA Parking Structure Reaches Safety Milestone

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   October 06, 2015   |   Image Gallery »
DIA Parking Structure Reaches Safety Milestone

In mid-September, Swinerton Builders Colorado team members at the DIA Mod 4 East Parking Structure hosted a jobsite-wide safety barbeque to celebrate reaching 53,637 man hours without a lost time injury!

Swinerton is building an 1800-stall, cast-in-place parking structure with design partner Walker Parking. The four-story structure is located on the southeast side of the airport’s terminal, and completes the eight-module parking design that wraps the terminal building.

In addition to lunch, Swinerton gave away prizes, T-shirts, and DIA lanyards to all attendees. Specifically, four employees were given awards due to their extraordinary efforts toward safety on the project.

Zero lost time is a goal for every Swinerton project, and through the Stop Work Authority program and stretch and flex routines
every morning, the men and women building this project are working safely. Stay tuned for highlights from the 100,000 man
hour safety celebration!