Ragnar: Run, Drive—“Sleep?”—Repeat

Contributor: Swinerton Project Team   |   March 18, 2014
Ragnar: Run, Drive—“Sleep?”—Repeat

With no notable injuries, the Swinerton Builders team completed the 192-mile Colorado Ragnar relay race from Copper Mountain to Snowmass Village in exactly 29:35:03 hours, finishing 41st out 204 teams.  Race entry fees support the Colorado Outward Bound School, SOS Outreach, and the HERA Women's Cancer Foundation.

In addition to a near miss with a skunk and snake, a close encounter with a bat, and an all-out dog chase, the team was successful in working together to accomplish this phenomenal endeavor. Our well-coordinated exchanges, exceptional navigation skills, and healthy group of runners secured a finish of which we were all proud.

The 12-person relay race was yet another display of integrity, leadership, passion, and excellence.   When we stole the van signs from a Colorado construction competitor, we offered a ransom note promising the return of the signs at the next exchange. When we were lost and desperately trying to find the next exchange along poorly marked mountain roads, we quickly turned to the leadership support of our navigator Siri. When we were tired and worn out from the first leg, we displayed excellence in muscle relaxation techniques at a friend’s ski retreat hot tub. And when we woke after a two-hour nap, we pushed forward with a passion to win and a will to finish the final leg on pace. 

Update: The team will most likely be running again this year! Stay tuned for training updates.